Dynamice ZERO.

The same great taste without added sugar!

Dynamice ZERO is a delicious ice popsicle without any added sugars. That makes it the perfect ice-stick to enjoy anytime and anywhere. At festivals, parties, sport facilities or just as an 'in between' refreshment. It's an absolute favorite for everyone! ZERO's are also available with custom-designed wrappers. Please contact us for more information.

  • Without added sugar (natural only)
  • Three flavors-in-one: raspberry, orange and pineapple
  • Only 40 kcal

Ingredients Dynamice ZERO (55 g):

Water, apple sweetener, stabilizer (guar gum), food acid (citric acid), natural orange flavoring, natural flavorings, red beet juice concentrate, colorings (carotenes, riboflavin). May contain traces of gluten.
No added sugar. Only 40 kcal.

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