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Does Dynamice Energy contain taurine?

No! There's no taurine inside Dynamice Energy ice-sticks. The energy-boost is caused by the ingredient guarana which contains a high concentration of caffeine.

Are Dynamice Energy ice-sticks for kids?

Dynamice Energy gives you an energy-boost because there's caffeine inside. It's better young children don't consume caffeine. You'll find caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks.

How does caffeine affect you?

Caffeine has a stimulating effect on your concentration and performance. It can have a positive and negative influence on your body. You can experience a feeling of increasing energy and less fatigue. Depending on the person, too much caffeine can cause restlessness and heart palpitations. Caffeine can be harmful when consumed during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Young children are advised not to use caffeine.

How much alcohol is inside a Dynamice Cocktail ice-stick?

Dynamice Cocktail ice-sticks contain 4.5% alcohol. Therefore they're suitable for consumption by adults only. You can consume Dynamice Cocktail ice-sticks if you are of legal drinking age in your country of residence.

Does Dynamice ZERO contain added sugars?

Dynamice ZERO ice-sticks contain only natural sugars. There are absolutely no added sugars! And with only 40 kcal they're a refreshing ice-stick for everyone to enjoy.

Where can I get Dynamice ice-sticks?

That depends on which ice-stick you want... Many festivals and events sell Dynamice Energy, Dynamice Cocktails and Zero's. Most sport facilities sell Dynamice Energy and Dynamice ZERO. An increasing amount of retail stores sell one or more of the three Dynamice variations as well.